machinery service

machinery service

Issues connected with the increase of availability of machinery and technical systems at the same time maintenance and even lowering the operation costs have becoming the issue that attracts more attention. The key role in improvement methods, in this regard, plays the effective management of prevention actions in maintenance.

Preparing and implementing the proper methos of maintenance for particular machinery and systems guarantees:

  • the increase or maintenance of the reliability of machinery,
  • better work organisation- less “fire extinguishing”,
  • reduction of costs of UR,
  • effective use of the UR personnel, according to the skills and qualifications.

The following are included within our service:

  • the cricticality analysis-machinery/spare parts,
  • the analysis of root causes,
  • condition monitoring,
  • preventive plans,
  • KPI, measurement of effectiveness,
  • management of spare parts vs machinery in CMMS,
  • implementation programme and UR development Road Map,
  • skills management programme (Skills Matrix),
  • strategy of technical management,
  • preparing and TPM implementation.

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